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Generally speaking, witches’ parties are no fly-by-night things.

1. Never insult a witch at the party, no matter what she says; you could be turned into a frog.
2. (Number 1 leads to this one) Don’t eat the frog legs – you might be eating someone you know.
3. Skip the punchbowl, unless you like eye of newt or bat wings, etc.
4. If some witch asks how you clean your kitchen floor, say a mop or vacuum. Brooms are a no-no since they are touchy about anyone using their travel mode for such menial labor. Think of a BMV mopping the floor.
5. Avoid any witch discussing magic spells with a twitching nose or one with a cold who sneezes – who knows, you might end up in Hades or Timbuktu.


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Well, today I was thinking of old friends and situations.  Some odd.  Not the friends, just the events.  Debbie was with me when I got trapped by a  gravestone.  We were looking for a witch.  We didn’t find the witch, just bruises and scares.  Charisse was with me when I saw the spaghetti headed monster at the bridge.  Debra M. was with me when we snuck up on a parking couple at our Lover’s Lane (which was down by the bridge-same bridge with the big headed monster).  We scared the couple so badly that the guy pulled a gun on us.  Well, maybe it wasn’t our brightest of moments.  Anyway, I’m glad I survived those years and am thankful to have such great friends who put up with my over-active imagination.

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