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In firm command, Countess DeLuise, bedecked in jewels, loudly tapped against her champagne glass with her spoon. The table grew silent. The countess let the silence grow for great effect, then in a rather bracing voice declared, “It’s schrecklichkeit!”

Greta searched her memory and remembered that the German word meant frightful. Her blue eyes lit with interest, and she wondered just what it was that was being described.

Countess DeLuise continued, her substantial voice growing stronger with each word. “Ja, I must speak now! I can hold the forbidden secret no longer. The news is grave, very grave. One of you…is a vampire.


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Generally speaking, witches’ parties are no fly-by-night things.

1. Never insult a witch at the party, no matter what she says; you could be turned into a frog.
2. (Number 1 leads to this one) Don’t eat the frog legs – you might be eating someone you know.
3. Skip the punchbowl, unless you like eye of newt or bat wings, etc.
4. If some witch asks how you clean your kitchen floor, say a mop or vacuum. Brooms are a no-no since they are touchy about anyone using their travel mode for such menial labor. Think of a BMV mopping the floor.
5. Avoid any witch discussing magic spells with a twitching nose or one with a cold who sneezes – who knows, you might end up in Hades or Timbuktu.

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1.  Dress up as a tree for Halloween or a fire hydrant

2.  Give him your cheek to kiss, he might take out your neck

3.  Necking is definitely out

4.  Throw a stick  (makes them mad-insults their dignity)

5.  Invite them in on your white carpet on a rainy day

6.  If they try to hump your leg-well, let them

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On the blog before I am writing part of the this novel.  I wrote this over twenty years ago.  It was to be published, but the company had to file for Chapter 13 or 11….something like that.  It was my first book.  I wrote a sequel to it as well before the company closed down.  I didn’t write again for a while and when I did, my style had changed.  But I still like this book.  It’s a romance about lonely people, hiding in prisons of their own making and a White Werewolf, the last of her kind, the stuff legends are made from.

I thought I would do some chapters for  a while and see what you guys/galls thought.  I’d really like to hear from you since this is a different writing style.

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