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ocean fog


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Charleston Oregon

For the cooler summers of the Oregon Coast. We are over a 100 today in hell, also know as South Texas

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Hard winter in Sedona

snow mountainsI was driving from the coast of Oregon to get back to Sedona. Two days and a half driving off and on black ice. The world was glacial, blue ice streaming from the trees, ghost-white mist and so much snow that it covered everything like big white marsh-mellows. It was a world of white and silence, almost no cars on the road. That tells you something about my common sense…that I have little to none. My two cats were with me and I had decided that the box the vet gave me didn’t have enough air holes. I enlarged them. They, of course, escaped. One went over my head, the other up my chest just as I hit a big patch of ice.
I called it a day and went to a hotel, who only had 2 queen beds left. The next morning I was leaving, I realized I was a cat short. My fat cat loves to nap in box springs. Yep, you guessed it. I tore apart the first bed and surprise…she wasn’t there. She was in the next queen sized bed box springs.  A day later we arrived in Sedona. I kissed the ground…literally. It had been a wild, beautiful, harrowing experience. I snapped this picture when I got to the house.

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