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Generally speaking, witches’ parties are no fly-by-night things.

1. Never insult a witch at the party, no matter what she says; you could be turned into a frog.
2. (Number 1 leads to this one) Don’t eat the frog legs – you might be eating someone you know.
3. Skip the punchbowl, unless you like eye of newt or bat wings, etc.
4. If some witch asks how you clean your kitchen floor, say a mop or vacuum. Brooms are a no-no since they are touchy about anyone using their travel mode for such menial labor. Think of a BMV mopping the floor.
5. Avoid any witch discussing magic spells with a twitching nose or one with a cold who sneezes – who knows, you might end up in Hades or Timbuktu.


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1.  Dress up as a tree for Halloween or a fire hydrant

2.  Give him your cheek to kiss, he might take out your neck

3.  Necking is definitely out

4.  Throw a stick  (makes them mad-insults their dignity)

5.  Invite them in on your white carpet on a rainy day

6.  If they try to hump your leg-well, let them

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1.  The Grinch will steal the roast beast  and if he doesn’t, Max will

2.  The crystal glasses might get smashed when Horton starts hearing voices and goes on a rampage

3.  You must NOT serve fish…..why, you may ask?  One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish….it would be so Hannibal Lector

4.  Don’t invite Sam I am, unless you want to be known for serving a lot of green things

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1.  A mountain climber with a seriously bad sense of direction

2.  A gold miner who took the north to Alaska Route by  going  north on Bean and Vine (he started out in Hollywood) and got lost with his head in the clouds

3.  A seriously disturbed young man who was giant-a-phobic

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