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The world was awash in visceral colors, red, always red the primary. Fear was thick in the air and panic. The night was alive with the cries of the terrified, the hurting and the dying, the dying and the dmaned. Shrieking screams cut suddenly to gasping and gurgling of their last breaths, while people screamed and ran, pushed and shoved, like cattle in a last stampede. Dante’s Inferno would have pictured the scenes here, over six-hundred years later. Modern America wasn’t ready for the ending of days. But then, no one really is.


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The world doesn’t end with a whimper. It’s loud and scary, with people screaming and blood. So much blood. When survivors would look back and they would, they would remember the color of red, dripping and the sounds of screams, horrifying and high-pitched, filled with abject terror. No one would believe it, no one could believe it. And that silly belief system got them killed.

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