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Today’s fairy tales, I believe, are the romance novels.  Someone meets someone so spectacular that the man is almost unreal…he’s handsome, strong, rich, generous, kind, gentle, romantic, understanding, brave and with a butt like a granite rock and don’t forget the abs.  He never sits on the couch, hogging the remote, watching football and drinking beer and farting.  This perfect man helps us with dinner and the dishes with a rose in his teeth, which he presents to us with a smile, wearing nothing else.  (Of course, the kids are at the in-laws).  Afterwards he doesn’t fall into the sleep of the dead, snore to wake the dead and steal the covers, leaving us freezing to death.  No, our fairy tale prince, cuddles us and tells us how amazing we are and how beautiful (he doesn’t see the gray hair or the wrinkles around the eyes).  We, of course, eat it up along with the chocolate covered strawberries he has prepared.  This Prince Charming sweeps us off our feet on his white charger or Jeep or BMW, depending on one’s own fairy tale preference.  The prince would also slay our dragons, like the repairman who speaks Greek and charges like the Romans when talking about our broken commode, if we would let him.  But we are are emancipated and thus, must fight our dragons alone.  Still, it’s nice to know that there is a dragon slayer nearby if you need one.  Anyway, in the romance novel all’s well that ends well.  Happy endings, like the Fairy tale where they ride off into the sunset to the castle surrounded by roses.  Here’s to Fairy Tales…….to pure escapism and great writing.  Where would we be if we didn’t believe in forever after and romance and love and a great ending?  The end.


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1.  A mountain climber with a seriously bad sense of direction

2.  A gold miner who took the north to Alaska Route by  going  north on Bean and Vine (he started out in Hollywood) and got lost with his head in the clouds

3.  A seriously disturbed young man who was giant-a-phobic

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Hard winter in Sedona

snow mountainsI was driving from the coast of Oregon to get back to Sedona. Two days and a half driving off and on black ice. The world was glacial, blue ice streaming from the trees, ghost-white mist and so much snow that it covered everything like big white marsh-mellows. It was a world of white and silence, almost no cars on the road. That tells you something about my common sense…that I have little to none. My two cats were with me and I had decided that the box the vet gave me didn’t have enough air holes. I enlarged them. They, of course, escaped. One went over my head, the other up my chest just as I hit a big patch of ice.
I called it a day and went to a hotel, who only had 2 queen beds left. The next morning I was leaving, I realized I was a cat short. My fat cat loves to nap in box springs. Yep, you guessed it. I tore apart the first bed and surprise…she wasn’t there. She was in the next queen sized bed box springs.  A day later we arrived in Sedona. I kissed the ground…literally. It had been a wild, beautiful, harrowing experience. I snapped this picture when I got to the house.

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