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Bandon, Oregon-looks like something out of a dream

Beautiful place, little town on Oregon Coast. So much driftwood. This is where I got interested in doing my wood sculptures. First day I was there I found a dolphin and a large bird. Didn’t need much touch ups. I built a base for them and cleaned them up. After I moved back to Sedona, I would find river wood and other old wood on my walks to work with. I call my work Nature’s Wonders.


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Old Sedona Bridge

This was where the old bridge used to be. Out by Midgely Bridge, about a thirty minute hike from the trailhead. Beautiful hike to follow the creek south towards the Wilson Trailhead.

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One of my favorite areas to hike in Sedona

i was on a small plateau standing by an old Juniper Tree. The view below and before me was breathtaking. About a 35 minute hike to here.

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